Welcome to the S B A website!
We are a group of responsible breeders dedicated to providing Quality Pets to Quality People.

Formed originally around 2001, Our first goal was to band together as responsible breeders to get our dogs out to a larger audience via the internet. 

  I am pleased to announce that in the winter of 2009, I was asked to serve on the Pennsylvania Dog Law Advisory Board for the Governor of PA.  Its main purpose is to help implement the sweeping new Dog Law recently passed in our state which "raises the bar" on how people are allowed to raise dogs here in Pennsylvania.  It has so far been a rewarding challenge. It pleases me to say that with this new law--soon noone will be able to label Pennsylvania as a "puppymill" state.

The members of the Sturbridge Breeders Association feel the only way to raise dogs is to keep facilities small enough to give breeding the attention it deserves, To know your dogs by name, to attend to their emotional as well as physical needs, and to raise HEALTHY, GENETICALLY SOUND, well socialized puppies.

Some of the Breeders raise the dogs in their homes, underfoot. The ones with actual kennels keep them in pristine clean conditions, with the dogs' best interests reflected in the facility. ALL of the breeders in the SBA also are involved on some level with RESCUE.   Please note at the bottom the information concerning adopting a rescue dog. 

With approximately 10 breeders, we can now offer several different breeds. You will also find "hybrids" offered through the SBA.  Most of the breeders are strictly "purebred" breeders, but those that offer hybrids do it with the exact same standards that apply to purebred breeding.  Meaning for instance no "in" breeding.  The parents of any hybrid are chosen with the same care a purebred program would take. Feel free to browse through the links above to learn more about the breeds we raise. Or, feel free to email us by clicking the appropriate link above for more specific information.

Contact Marlene Lippert, Director of the SBA, at Sturbridge Farm directly by calling: (717)463-9737

IMPORTANT NOTE:   If you are looking for a puppy and that is what will work for your family do not feel "bad" that

you cannot "rescue" an adult dog.  BUT if you DO have room in your home for an adult and can rescue one, please

DO IT!!!  With the dog laws changing rapidly  there  are more adult dogs going into rescue than ever before. The no kill shelters we work with have been overrun and we can use all the good homes we can find for these dogs.  Not ALL the rescue dogs are in horrible shape... many will make great pets with families with

love and patience to give.  SO... RESCUE IF YOU CAN!!!!!!